Black 1/2 Serrated Blade Tactical Knife


Black 1/2 Serrated Blade Tactical Knife

Indulge your stealth agent fantasies with this trusty pocket knife.The blade’s dual edges and keen steel make it an efficient slicing and sawing knife. Its slender, yet hardy construction lets it fit snugly in a pants pocket or handbag compartment. Take this beautifully menacing pocket knife everywhere: camping, fishing, or out retrieving top secret documents from underground Soviet bunkers.

Brand New.

Php 500

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Poor man’s Hi-power LED light


4 Light Emitting Diode lights
Hi -power
9 watts , 12 volts
many uses like Video shooting, photography, remote lighting, search lights,
hi-beam for motorcycles, bicycles, RV, 4×4 vehicles, boats .Easy to install with 2 wires.

12 volts DC supply from car battery or motorcycle battery, or 12 volts adapter.

Marikina area.

Php 500

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